2020: I'm BACK!

What's up everyone!?

I haven't posted a blog since December (oops 😬). With the coronavirus putting a halt on athletic events, I've decided to utilize my free time to make some more blog posts.

Since December, life has been busy. I'm currently in my last semester of graduate school, working on a documentary, and started a Teaching Assistantship on top of my Graduate Assistantship. Oh, and applying to jobs.

While I do my best to balance all those things equally, the documentary has been what's occupied my attention the most. There have been nights where I'm up till 2:00 a.m. editing it. Besides being the final project I need to complete in order to graduate, I'm also very passionate about the topic.

Are you familiar with athletic identity? Chances are, if you are or ever were an athlete, you've experienced it.

Athletic identity is the degree to which an individual identifies with the athlete role and looks to others for acknowledgement of that role (Brewer, Van Raalte, & Linder, 1993).

Former SIU golfer, Drew Novara: Photo by Greg Camillone