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22 Favorites by 22

Here are 22 of my favorite photos I've taken by age 22 (current age)! They aren't in any particular order.

1) A cool angel fish I spotted snorkeling in Grand Cayman.

2) Mt. Cougal, part of Springbrook National Park in Australia. I love to be outside exploring, and this was an adventure I'll never forget. I almost broke my butt sliding down the natural waterslide ๐Ÿ˜‚ Don't tell mom and dad ๐Ÿค. The two trees line up the waterfall perfectly in the middle, serving as a great focal point of the photo.

3) My boy Ollie! In this photo too, the two wooden pieces line up his glimmering eye perfectly for the focal point of the picture.

4) Back in the water. Again, I was snorkeling and saw this little guy swim into this shell. I thought, "I wonder if I can catch a fish with a shell?" I did and knew I had to immediately capture the moment.

5) Who doesn't love turtles!? First, you were like, whoa! And then we were like, WHOA! And then you were like, whoa.

6) Angel fish pt2. This fish was so beautiful, I could've watched it swim forever.

7) Watching the sunset in Duck, North Carolina.

8) One of the best parts of exploring is experiencing the wildlife. I love being around it, never knowing what you'll come across. Here's an anole in Duck, North Carolina.

9) My family and I were lucky to see wild horses on the beach our first time to North Carolina.

10) Silly Lily! What do you think she's saying here? Probably something about food or wanting a nap.

11) Shooting with Limitless Theory. Good times with good people.

12) Another Australia moment. Look how beautiful this bird is. Lots of them roaming around Surfers Paradise.

13) Alexandra's first time visiting me in Illinois. We had such a fun hike this day.

14) Garden of the Gods in Illinois.

15) My first time shooting a game solo on my DSLR. What a great first game to cover on my own!

16) SIU's Armon Fletcher. I love the emotion he shows and how the colors add to the mood of this picture.

17) Future NBA lottery pick Ja Morant splits the defense.

18) A shot from the most recent New York International Auto Show.

19) First time doing astrophotography. One of the most fun photography experiences I've had and can't wait to try it again!

20) Back to Australia! This is Purling Brook Falls, also part of Springbrook National Park. Amazing views. Amazing hike. Amazing experience.

21) A shot from the Dover Farmer's Market. I love the earthy vibe this photo gives. I also think the complementary colors of the red radishes and green veggies make it pop.

22) Here's my main squeeze again. It looks like she's glowing in this picture. We ventured around NYC and walked The High Line while sipping on Gregory's Coffee. It's not my coffee, but the name of a coffee shop in the city. How could we not go with an awesome name like that!? The High Line is great too. Highly recommend walking it if you're in NYC.

Thanks for reminiscing my favorite photos with me! If you like what you see, check out my art store where you can find prints, canvases, and more! For every sale this posts generates, I'll donate 10% of profit to charity!


Comment which photo was your favorite and what charities you think I should donate to!

Check out some of the links below to see the equipment I use to capture the pictures in this post.


My MAIN Camera:

Beginner lens:

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The Mic I use:

External Drive 1:

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The homie drive:

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