Affection for Reflection

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

2019 is underway and we're starting routines to achieve those New Year's resolutions. While doing so, I encourage you to add one more thing; reflect.

Not long ago I had a spontaneous reflection which resonated and showed me just how rewarding it is to do so. Here's a quick story:

In June of 2016, my older brother and I took our dad to a Yankee's game to celebrate Father's Day. It's our first time in the new stadium, so we made sure to get there early and absorb it all.

Before taking our seats in the outfield, I remember spotting a cameraman preparing for the game. I said to my dad, "I wonder how he got that job." At this point in time, I was majoring in communication with the intentions of becoming a sports journalist, knowing little to none about live production. My degree holds a double concentration in sports communication and radio/video production, and since that moment, the video production side began to take over.

Fast forward two and a half years later, I've held video production jobs at two commendable Division I college athletic programs, produced a sports documentary, and worked sporting events previously dreamed of.

Getting into full swing with my new position at Saluki Athletics led to the reflection which allowed me to realize how much has changed over a couple of years. My story is an example of how fast things can change.