Do It for You

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we don't love. In fact, this probably happens more often than we prefer. Maybe it's a job not quite fulfilling. If you're a student reading this, maybe it's a class you dread going to ( if not allllllll of them). Maybe you're an athlete who's injured and forced to sit out.

All of these situations can straight up suck. However, there are benefits to them. You just have to find them.

Within every situation comes an opportunity. I'll admit, I rarely enjoyed going to class. It's not a slam toward any previous teachers, but there was something about sitting in a room for hours at a time that felt suffocating and dry. On top of that, I've always been more of a hands on learner compared to taking notes from a lecture.

Although I earned good grades, it wasn't until junior year of college when my perspective changed. Instead of thinking school as something tedious, I began doing it for me. I completed homework and projects with the intentions of learning, honing skills, and trying to become a more well rounded person instead of just getting it done to get a grade.

For me, getting A's was nice, but wasn't gratifying. What felt rewarding, however, was the sense of learning something new. Learning something new is an accomplishment and there are few greater feelings than the sense of accomplishment.

But being a full-time employee isn't the same as a student in a classroom.

Perhaps not, but the world is a classroom and life is a journey of endless learning. Everywhere you go, every person you meet, every moment you experience, there's something to be absorbed.

For your unsatisfying job, see it as a platform to be innovative. Use it as a chance to test abilities not often engaged to further improve your work and the status of your employer. Bringing something new to the table will most likely earn you a ton of appreciation p