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Don't Shame Your Sacrifices

Have you ever had goals, priorities, or aspirations that were different than others? Of course you have!

It's completely okay because no two people are one hundred percent alike. Because of that, sometimes we feel uncertain of the commitment and sacrifices we make.

For example, a dedicated fitness enthusiast may not want to go out with his or her buddies every weekend because drinking alcohol and ordering junk food doesn't match their health goals. Perhaps an individual wants to stay home instead of going out because they want to save their money toward an international trip. Maybe you balance multiple jobs and work more than 50 hours a week to earn extra cash.

Yet, when having a strong commitment and drive for something, isn't it interesting how sometimes we can feel ashamed or doubtful of ourselves. Because of other peoples' values, we begin to question our own.

I'm not here to say one's priorities or values are more correct than others. There's no right answer, no straight path, no shortcut.

However, what I do advise is you trust the process and believe in yourself. If you're committing hard work and extra time to something, you have your reasoning for it.

Just because someone else's light doesn't shine as bright as yours, doesn't mean you should become any dimmer.

Remember, your devotedness for your goals and dreams is something to be proud of. Each day is a gift and opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. Don't forget, enjoy the journey of life!

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