Getting Your Work Published

If you're a creator who wants to get more exposure, one of the best things to do is have others share your work. Wondering how to do that? Consider the following tips and you'll have your photos and videos in front of a new crowd in no time.

1) Clients

This past summer, I chose to freelance full time. Given I'm still in college and it was my first time truly relying on freelance work, I knew I had to make myself known within the community in order to get work. When earning new clients, try negotiating a deal which includes them tagging your social handles for any of your work they share.

2) Collaborate

Use your photos and/or video skills to collaborate with other creatives. For example, if you were to work with an individual trying to become a model, chances are they are going to post the pictures you take of them. Again, have them provide credit for your work, especially if it was done for free.

3) Free work isn't always free

This one is similar to collaborating. Reach out to other media platforms within your niche and offer any services you feel you can contribute. If you're just starting out, it doesn't hurt to do it for free. Getting your images and/or videos on a platform with a bigger following can bring plenty of new eyes to your work.

I was able to team up with Dutchess Tourism and Organic Hudson Valley Magazine this summer through a combination of mutual connections and reaching out. Dutchess Tourism had me photograph and video their annual summer concert. In exchange, they showcased my work under their featured photography segment. Given they are a widely known tourism resource throughout the region, this was big in gaining a new audience and growing my brand.