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How I Built My Website

If you're looking to create a website whether it's for business, portfolio, blog, or personal usage, then this post is for you! I developed my site through Wix. Click here to get started and view all the cool templates they offer:

I chose Wix because of it's convenience, amount of integration and apps it has to offer. Plus, starting off using one its templates sets you on the right path to piecing together a consistent, unified site.

Once you've created an account and picked your template, the customizing is all yours to explore. The freedom is unlimited..and it's FREE. This is a great option for those who don't know how to code.

As someone who likes to create content, choosing Wix was a no brainer for me. Wix has photo galleries and albums, video players, and art store applications; all of which I use on my site to showcase work and sell prints. Wix recently introduced Wix Blog which is constantly growing and adding new features to it. It's easy to use and offers the opportunity to add photos, videos, galleries, and code to your blog posts. This is great for adding visuals to your writing and for anyone who is active in affiliate marketing.

Like every business, there has to be a money making scheme somehow. Fortunately with Wix, there are numerous affordable plans. And a little hint hint 😉, they offer sales often around the holidays.

If you're feeling ready to start your own website, head over to!

For anyone who needs consultation on how to build a site through Wix, or just wants someone to do it for them, contact me here ☺️.


You NEED this mic:

My MAIN Camera:

My AFFORDABLE light kit:

Beginner lens:

Get tiiiight lens:

The Mic I use:

External Drive 1:

External Drive 2:

The homie drive:


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