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I Tried Something New

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

What if I said you could get smarter and more fit at the same time!?

Yup, it's possible! A quick background story to how I discovered this.

Given my day-to-day involves plenty of creative activity, I often resort to YouTube to watch tutorials or get inspiration for new ideas. If you told me two years ago I'd be watching as many YouTube tutorials as I do now, I would have looked at you crazy.

Now, it's a huge resource. A frequent resource not just for creatives, but for individuals with all different interests. Chances are if you're reading this, you've probably watched a tutorial on YouTube. If not, think of something you want to learn and you will most likely find some form of instructional video on how to do it. If you discover something that hasn't been made into a tutorial on YouTube, please comment it below. I'd be very interested to see what it is.

Okay, Greg we get YouTube is a big deal. How will this make me smarter and more fit?

I was going through a phase where my workouts were lacking hunger, motivation, and that love for the grind I previously held. Maybe it was listening to the same songs on the same Spotify playlist. Maybe it was doing the same routines and exercises over and over again. Whatever it was, the reason didn't matter. I just had to find that fire again.

Here's your answer.


There is a variety of YouTube videos I watch other than tips on photo and video editing. Major ones include learning how to invest, growing your presence on social media, fitness and yoga, and videos that provide advice to stay positive, motivated, and confident.

One thing I hate is cardio.

I have no problem getting my cardio in playing soccer and basketball, but solely running to run just doesn't do it for me. So when I get on the treadmill each day to start my workout, it's a mental battle.

However, recently I sparked that fire again with a new technique. Instead of going onto Spotify (shoutout to my girlfriend who lets me use her Premium account, you da best), I went onto YouTube and started playing videos to things I wanted to know more about while I was running.

Before you start thinking of all the things that could go wrong while running and watching a video, hear me out.

Since most people use their phones to listen to music, most treadmills have a place to rest your device. Hit play, put your phone down and run. You don't necessarily have to watch the video. Listening can be enough. In fact, when I started doing this, I didn't want to stop; it made me even more amped to learn and to workout.

When you do this, it doesn't have to be YouTube either. Trying listening to podcasts within your interests. The gist is, substitute the songs you listen to repeatedly with something educational. Learning is exciting, and this excitement will become contagious.

I hope you guys try this technique and feel the same positive emotions I received when learning and exercising. It's a win-win!

Below I've linked some YouTube channels I actively watch.

Be interested, be excited, and be engaged to learn, all while enjoying your journey of life!


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