Let's Catch Up!

Due to having followers and subscribers from various locations and backgrounds, those who do and don't know me personally, and since there's many I haven't caught up with in awhile, I figured it's time to write an about me post.

Those who I grew up with know me as a basketball player, my peers at Lasell College saw me as a sports commentator, and the colleagues I work with at Southern Illinois University consider me a video guy.

So what am I now?

I like to call myself a content creator.

Currently, I'm a video services graduate assistant for Saluki Athletics at Southern Illinois University. This position includes:

  • Write, shoot, interview, and edit long and short form features highlighting past games, student-athletes, coaches, teams and others from the past 100 years of Saluki Athletics

  • Assist with the setup, tear down, and production of various Saluki Athletic home games for The Valley on ESPN3. These games include but not limited to Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball

  • Coordinate with other media outlets to retrieve past game film and archive each game for later use

It's crazy to think a kid from a small town who loved basketball eventually ended up with a camera working for Division I athletics; additionally falling in love with traveling throughout the process.

You may be wondering how I got to be where I am today (I ask myself that sometimes). Whether you believe in destiny, or everything happens for a reason, things mysteriously link to each other.

Growing up, all my interests revolved around basketball. But what does basketball have to do with video? Given I was from a small town and did not receive much exposure, my parents filmed each of my games on whatever device they could. I would then drag the footage into iMovie and piece together my own highlight tapes to send to colleges... the start of learning video editing.