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One Thing We Don't Get Back Is Time

Since quarantined, I've been getting asked a lot if I'm bored yet. My answer to that is no.

I'm very fortunate to still have my job. Granted, even while working from home, completing my master's project and online class, I still have some additional free time.

Everyone's situation is different due to COVID-19. Some have lost jobs, others must acclimate to working at home, and others remain actively working. Nonetheless, if you find yourself home with newfound time, use it wisely.

One thing we don't get back in life is time.

I encourage you to utilize your free time to do something you weren't doing originally. For me, I end my nights playing video games with friends and family. It has helped me stay connected with friends, especially during this time. I'm not a huge gamer, but it gives me some time to relax and do something which doesn't require much thought.

Below is a list of ideas you can fill your extra time with. I hope at least one of these inspires you to not be bored.

  • Spend meaningful time with family. Engage conversation with one another.

  • Start a side hustle. For those who recently lost a job, or maybe your current job isn't your true passion, I highly recommend this for you.

  • Create a blog post. Contact me if you need help getting started!

  • Begin podcasting. (This is one I'm tempted to start doing....Who would listen!?)

  • Watch tutorials. YouTube and are great sources to learn new skills. Ever wanted to become better at something? Now's the time!

  • Practice yoga. You can easily do this in your own home. I find yoga routines on YouTube and follow along to one each Sunday. Not only will your body feel better, but your mind and soul will become more clear.

Dillan Foss, of Limitless Theory performing outdoor exercises.
  • Exercise at home. Be creative with it. For me, it's been hard finding the same fire and motivation to do this. I don't have any dumbbells so I've been doing solely body weight workouts. However, use this as an opportunity to incorporate alternative routines that will benefit parts of the body you don't normally pay attention to. Basketball used to be my main source of cardio. I would play for hours on hours a day. Now, I don't even play once a week. I'm using this time to do in-home cardiovascular challenging exercises to boost my conditioning! If you live in an area with nice weather, take the workout to your back yard and make yourself a circuit.

  • Read a book.

  • Recharge your batteries. This can be hard to accept, and I'm guilty of it too, but it's okay to take time to relax.

I hope these ideas keep you from being bored and inspire you to utilize your free time wisely! Productive time spent has always felt better than wasted time. Turn the negative situation that's happening in the world into something positive. Continue to be the best version of you and enjoy the journey of life!


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