Sports Photography

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Athletics is full of emotion, which is what makes sport photography so great. Capturing a championship celebration, the look of defeat after an impactful loss, the triumph from a heroic play, all moments that can speak a thousand words with just one image.

If you've ever felt inspired by a sports photo and wanted to begin shooting your own, this post is for you. I created this blog to inspire others. From here on, I will be sharing my own experiences, tips and tricks of how I create the content I do in hopes you'll learn something and pursue your own passions.

Tip #1: Study

Before you head off to shoot a sporting event, study the particular sport itself. By becoming a student of the game, it'll help you predict what plays will happen next. Being prepared and being in the right spot at the right time is key. These moments only happen once, so you must be ready.

Tip #2: Equipment

This is probably an obvious one, but you'll need more than just your iPhone to capture stunning athletic moments. Save up and invest in a DSLR. Chances are if you're getting into photography, you can book other gigs and make it count as Return on Investment (ROI). A separate blog post will be created as for what gear is best for you to get.

I personally have a Canon Rebel t6i. If you're a beginner, I would highly recommend this camera, or its latest model, the Canon Rebel t7i. The Rebel series from Canon is a great collection for beginners. With my Canon Rebel t6i, I've been able to capture some great sports action shots.