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St. Louis Zoo

Welcome back to my blog! In this post, you can find an arrangement of photos from my first time visiting the St. Louis Zoo. Keep scrolling if you want to see how I created this elephant GIF!

Unfortunately Wix only allows file sizes up to 25 MB. I shoot in RAW, therefore a lot of my images were too large to upload. Here are the few that made it!

Some extra photos:


Here's how I created the GIF.

Step 1: Open Photoshop and add photos as individual layers.

Step 2: Open "Timeline" window.

Step 3: Create frame animation.

Step 4: Click the option menu to the right and select "Make Frames From Layers."

Step 5: Choose how long you want each frame to play. I personally like the way 0.2 seconds looks.

Step 6: Make any final adjustments.

Step 7: Click File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

Lastly, SAVE! Make sure in the top right corner, you change the format to GIF. Comment below to showcase your GIFs or if you have any questions. Hit the heart button if you found this helpful!


You NEED this mic:

My MAIN Camera:

My AFFORDABLE light kit:

Beginner lens:

Get tiiiight lens:

The Mic I use:

External Drive 1:

External Drive 2:

The homie drive:


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